To organize and mobilize like-minded Americans through political action that brings results.


To attract like-minded Americans with Christian Values through education motivation for demonstration.

Brief History

Reginald R. Little is the Founder and CEO of Reggie AND Patriots (RA Patriots). RA Patriots was inspired by a few bus trips to Washington D.C. in support of President Donald J. Trump.


It started with two drive rallies in Reggie’s home county. After Reggie attended his first drive rally it was such a great experience for him that he thought it was a shame the county he currently lived in did not sponsor any drive rallies at all, that was because he never organized one! Reggie took the initiative and sponsored his first drive rally.

Reggie was well known in Conservative Social Media Groups, so he announced that the county he lived in would be having a drive rally of their own. On October 31, 2020, people came from everywhere to join his drive rally which traveled through Cecil County, Maryland, and New Castle County, Delaware. They even had a police escort in Elkton, Maryland.


Reggie sponsored another drive rally on the first Saturday after the 2020 Election where he formed a partnership with others and organized, his first bus trip to the “March for Trump Rally” in Washington D.C. on November 14, 2020.

Through social media posts and announcements, people became interested in his bus trip, this time to the first " March on Washington." Fifty-five excited and inspired Patriots took a coach bus to D.C.  for an amazing demonstration of love for the U.S.A. The marches continued on December 12, 2020, and yes, Reggie saw the participants increase, so there were now two coach buses.

Another March on Washington was held on January 6, 2021, and. amazingly the demand was so high that they filled 15 busses with exuberant, freedom-loving citizens. Nine busses left from the White Marsh, Maryland Park and Ride, and six left from the Joppa Park and Ride. This incredible caravan traveled to D.C. to join thousands of other patriots for the day.


 It was an emotional day for the attendees and a day where they developed many new connections and friendships. In fact, many of them decided that they wanted to keep their group together under Reggie's inspirational leadership long after January 6th.


Reggie and some of his associates have been on several talk radio shows and have had speaking engagements to share the energy and excitement this group brings to the political stage.


This group is not stopping there, for there is more political work and traveling to do. That is what brings RA Patriots to where they are today; creating the “Common People Doing Uncommon Things Together!”


To see more, watch the interview with Reggie Skyrock at Walter Reed Medical Center with Breitbart News: Trump Supporter: He's Been Fighting for Us; I'm Going to Fight for Him (breitbart.com) Over 84K views on Facebook. 

Our Goals


BACKGROUND:  A website for communication and pertinent information.  Content should be comprised of everything needed to plan, participate and push our agenda. 


1. Calendar – for important events, deadlines, and meetings

2.  Important contacts

               a.  Local government officials

               b.  Congress members

               c.  Groups we want to affiliate with

3.  Templates for each type of letter to send – Wording for participants to print, sign, send

               a.  For/against certain votes

               b.  Letter to companies for cancel culture

               c.  Letters to portray dislike of an issue (Immigration, Religious issues, 2nd amendment etc.)

4.  List of issues to be involved  

               a.  Committees that deal with each issue

               b.  Congress members associated with each bill

5.  List of bills/laws/executive orders to be addressed with links for reviewing

6.  Pre-made pamphlets and leaflets to post or pass out at events

7.  Important links

               a.  Websites for groups we want to affiliate with

               b.  People we want to follow

               c.  Local officials websites

               d.  Other informative websites as needed


ULTIMATE GOAL – To design a website that has all the information we need to move to action quickly whether it is an event, protest or letter-writing campaign.  A one-stop-shop that allows us to be ready with one click. 


We are nearing the final stages of meeting this goal. The major achievement was to build a website.